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Welcome to San Juan Party Bus! We are happy you are here. Before we get into anything else, we'd like you to know this: You're simply not going to find a better combination of exemplary services and the very finest selection of party buses in the entire region. Our company is built on a premise of providing the very best experience in Puerto Rico's luxury transportation scene. We tirelessly work every single day to ensure that your satisfaction is all but guaranteed when you trust San Juan Party bus for your luxury transportation needs.

We are able to achieve this level of excellence entirely due to the incredible people who we have working with us. They are the glue who holds the entire process together. Ensuring that your customer service experience, and that your vehicle on the day of your trip - are both equally excellent and unforgettable.

Enjoy surprisingly affordable party bus rates!

To further add value to the amazing services we offer, we also have a pricing structure that allows us to be flexible to market conditions and provide you the very best party bus rental rates possible at any given date in time. We do this by doing a little more work in our projections and analysis than most companies. To us, it pays off, because we want you to be completely satisfied in your time doing business with San Juan Party Bus! Have questions about how much a party bus adventure in Puerto Rico may cost you? Don't hesitate... Simply reach out to our agents at any time. We will be so happy to assist you in any way we can.

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A San Juan Party Bus can add a touch of class to any event!

Despite "party" being in our name, there are a wide range of events and special occasions that our vehicles can provide the perfect mode of transportation for. Whether it's a "black tie" event, or a fun night out on the town in San Juan you'll find the perfect solution to your luxury transportation needs... Right here in our garage. During our time in business, we have provided San Juan's great people (and guests) with party bus transportation for weddings, high school events, corporate events, golf outings, winery tours, sightseeing tours, and so much more.

If you have a need, and have decided upon an limousine or party bus for your transportation... We are the first company you should consider. We are a customer first company, and will do everything we possibly can to ensure that you get treated to a world-class experience here in San Juan.

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While you're out in your San Juan Party bus, check out these great spots!

Whether you're out and about or, cruising the streets of San Juan in one of our party buses... one must eat. Why not enjoy some of the best that San Juan has to offer? To help support our community, we have a few of our absolute favorites listed below on this page. While this is not a comprehensive list of all the best, during our time in San Juan we have developed some particular tastes for these individual restaurants and pubs. If you're looking for a great spot to grab a bite... You'll want to start with these!

Nuyorican Cafe

312 Cll San Francisco, San Juan, 00901, Puerto Rico \\ 787-977-1276
Puerto Ricans know how to have a good time. So when you visit the island, you must take a break from all the sightseeing and sunbathing, and join the party. Locals are friendly, local beer is delicious, and the music what you can expect when you're in Puerto Rico. So get in the mood for dancing, meeting new people and enjoying an exotic drink. You are in Puerto Rico, enjoy yourself while you are there.

Wet at the Water Club

2 Tartak Street, San Juan, 00979, Puerto Rico \\ 787-728-3666
You'll have to take an elevator up to the rooftop bar. You'll already love it, with its own built-in waterfall. This is definitely a lounge-style place. There are beds that can accommodate 1 or 20 of your special friends. The vibe is laid-back-luxe and you can munch on mini trays of sushi, empanadas and sliders to accompany a passion fruit martini, or perhaps a Peach Me Now, a mix of Grey Goose vodka, peach schnapps and peach syrup.

Parrot Club

363 Cll Fortaleza, San Juan, 00901, Puerto Rico \\ 787-725-7370
Parrot Club is the hottest dining and dancing spot around! Start with the house drink, a Parrot Passion. It's made with lemon-flavored rum, triple sec, oranges and tropical fruit. The bistro-style restaurant serves up the best of Nuevo Latin cuisine including temptations such as pan-seared tuna in a dark rum and orange sauce, and a mixed seafood ceviche. For a new twist on a traditional Puerto Rican favorite, try the tamarind-spiced barbecue ribs.

El Batey

101 Calle del Cristo, San Juan, 00901, Puerto Rico \\ 787-725-1787
El Batey is a favorite. It's a dive bar that feels funky and welcoming. It's decorated with graffiti, on purpose. Make sure you bring a sharpie to write or draw something on the walls. It's an old pub with an old wooden bar that looks like it has seen better days, with its jukebox playing non-stop tunes from original 45s of the '60s and '70s. Many locals and cruise ship crews come here. So stop by and enjoy some drinks, shoot pool and groove to the tunes.

Club Brava

6063 Isla Verde Ave, Carolina, PR 00979, Puerto Rico \\ 787-791-2781
Brava enjoys its dual persona as both club and lounge. It's located in a hotel. The central dance floor is packed with people dancing to house and Latin music. There's a wraparound balcony for non-dancers and those needing a rest before they hit the dance floor again. There is a cover charge to enter but if you're staying in the hotel, guests are admitted for free.

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